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Company: About Us is a division of Logic Solutions. The idea behind the development of was the brainchild of the Computect board of directors. Computect is a longtime business development and experienced website design firm. Logic Solutions acquired the assets of Computect in October of 2000.

Understanding the frustrations faced by business owners seeking to acquire a professional-looking website at an affordable cost, Computect set out to revolutionize the way that websites were created by developing a set of customizable websites of professional quality.

The idea behind is a simple one: Small businesses want professionally designed websites at "do-it-yourself" prices. As an experienced website development firm, Computect had developed a reputation among clients for excellence in the design of sophisticated commercial websites. Because the development process is labor-intensive, these sites generally cost upwards of $1,300 per screen page with prices ranging from $14,000-$55,000 for a basic small business website.

As a website design consultant firm developing custom websites for numerous corporate clients, Computect began to see that the cost of retaining their services was far more than the average small business owner can afford to spend. Rather than continue to turn these potential clients away, Computect seized the opportunity to service this growing universe of web design needs through the creation of – the World's first turnkey customizable website package!
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